Sunday, September 26, 2010

cottonNES - More Progress...

So I have been working diligently on cottonNES, and have made some progress over my last update.

As far as the core goes, I've been able to pass some more cpu/ppu tests, but my emu still fails many of blargg's timing tests (those things are brutal!). I already switched my cpu core to a cycle-accurate design, this proves to be needed for a few games (Ms. Pacman, Bad Dudes, Baseball Stars 2, etc...). Whats cool is my emu now runs Battletoads and Battletoads & Double Dragons, these 2 games are very timing sensitive and many NES emulators still fail to run them properly (some even crash...). That said, the games still have graphical problems, but at least they go in-game.

Something else I implemented was joypad support. Currently its just hard-coded to match my ps3-controller, but in the future I'll do a fancy configuration screen. I ended up going with SDL for the joypad API because I just wanted something simple to use. Perhaps in the future I will rewrite the code with direct-input since i wasn't very satisfied with SDL.

The last big thing I did was support for pixel shaders! I'm a shader noob, but between yesterday and today I've learned enough of HLSL to make 2 shaders. One shader is a scanline shader, and the other is a Scale3x shader. The cool thing is this offloads the filtering onto the GPU so the CPU can do less work, overall the Scale3x filter was about 54% faster than my C++ based attempt (222fps vs 144fps in a scene). In the Super Mario Bros 2 pic above, I have the Scale3x shader on so you can see what it looks like.

Anyways, I still have a lot more work to do with my emulator before its ready for a release; particularly PPU and APU need more work since they're the cause of most problems I'm having now. I hope I continue to be motivated so that cottonNES can become one of the better NES emulators out there; I feel it has the potential, but it just depends on if I continue working on it.

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