Friday, April 24, 2009


The grade I needed to get on my final exam to pass my Discrete Math class, just so happened to be the answer to the universe... 42.

If I got 42 or higher, then I can pass the class with a 70% C.
(I need a C or higher for it to count as passing)

I've been sick with the flu all week, so I didn't have a chance to study. I really fucking hope I got 42% or higher, I'll probably drop out of my University if I didn't... (I can't stand taking this class a 5th time!)

If I do drop out of Uni, I'll probably join one of those video-game colleges, and get a degree in "game and simulation programming."
The degree doesn't look as good as a "Computer Science" degree, but its better than nothing. And its probably a lot funner to achieve.
Also, my grades would be a lot higher if most my classes were about programing games (I think I've mentioned in a previous post, that I'm only good at stuff I enjoy).

Friday, April 10, 2009

Awesome Megaman Rap Video

One of my favorite video game series is the Megaman series.
A friend at work recommended me to watch this cool video on youtube:

I'm not too into rap music, but this song was pretty good.
Its got some awesome lines:
Heatman: "I got a face for radio and a box for a suit"
Megaman "Capcom really didn't spend much time on you..."

Windman and Airman's raps are my favorites, but they're all cool.
Any megaman fan should watch the video xD

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sleep is a double-edged sword.

Sleep is pretty awesome, it helps rest your mind and helps improve memory and all that good stuff.

But sadly sleep has its negatives, the main one being it takes away a lot of free time.
Or it can make you not want to wake-up, and you'll be late for work or school (happens to me every day xD)
Another problem is if you want to do something, but can't because you're too tired and need to sleep. Or if you just can't think straight because of lack of sleep.

So I've often pondered if life would be better without sleep.
The main problem that arises with this is that, if people didn't sleep, then work and school would most-likely be a lot longer. And that doesn't sound like a good thing xD

A compromise would be if the world rotated slower, and a day would be something like 27 hours instead of 24 hours.
This would allow for 3 more hours of sleep a day, and most people with busy lives would probably benefit from this.

Of course that also has negatives as well. For instance, if you're waiting for a certain day to happen, you'll have to wait longer. In fancy math terms the extra time you'd have to wait is (3 * n) hours longer where n is the number of days.

Furthermore, if you're having a bad day, and want the day to end, you'll have to endure that bad day for another 3 hours =D.

So really, I'm not sure what could be done to solve the problems of sleep. All options seem to have their ups and downs.... but that seems to be the case with most things in 'life'.