Saturday, May 2, 2009

I finally passed Discrete Mathematics!

On the final exam that I needed at least a 42 on, I got a 56.
After taking the class 4 times, I'm finally done with it and can forget everything I learned xD

The best part is I can finally take my advanced programming classes (which I couldn't take before because Discrete Math was a prerequisite).

The bad news is, the programming class I wanted to take for next semester was already full when I went to register, so I'll have to wait another semester to take it...

Technically I 'Passed' Discrete Math the second time I took it with a D+, but my university has some policy that I need to get a C or better for it to count...
Anyways, I finally got a C+, so I'm good to go..
(Its also funny how this class totally fucked up my high GPA to an 'average' GPA, and made me lose all my scholarships)


  1. congratulations^^
    there a bit of my happyness Oo (and sillyness)

  2. heh i watched that anime along time ago.
    watching that video and the opening:
    brought back memories.

  3. Hey, I like it :).
    Can you recommend some anime with *cute girl, katana ( japanese sword ) fighting :).
    Thanks anyway

  4. you mean like shakugan no shana?
    hmmm does the girl have to fight with a katana or could it be someone else
    i also would try to aru majutsu no index, and nabari no ou hmmm mai otome did have swords iirc but I never watched it completely xD
    seto no hanayome and history's strongest disciple kenichi would be good too ^^ actually they are kind of all time favs XD

  5. i havn't seen much anime where girls fight with katanas.
    kabooz recommended Shakugan no Shana, and i think thats the anime that follows the description closest. (although i haven't watched it)

    Soul Eater has a girl with a scythe...
    some other anime where girls use swords are Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto, Basilisk, and Berserk; but the girls arn't the main character, and they're not the 'cute' type of anime.

    I mainly don't like anime with a fighting female protagonist, so i guess i'm no help for this question xD
    When it comes to action/fighting anime, i like it when theres a male protagonist that meets a girl, and they need to work together to defeat the bad-guy. like Eureka Seven and Busou Renkin.

  6. except for shakugan no shana are all like you discribed XD (I mean all I mentioned) action (maybe comedy) based male lead chara but female fights too xD ...cotton if you don't know one or more of the animes I mentioned... you SHOULD!!! watch he first 2 episodes XD to see if you like em... sounds like you'd like all of them Oo

    except for mai otome.... female lead and also I can't vouch for that anime XD

    but kenichi would be like that he's a wimp at the beginning but wants to be stronger and she... is like really strong but it doesn't show much xD (at the beginning) then he trains at her place (her grandfather has a doujo where 7 masters are and the all have different styles he trains all of them to create his own style... only he doesn't know that at the beginning XD)

    seto no hanayome is like almost none real fighting XD It's mainly comedy but very great xD
    (and a little romance) main chara is saved by a mermaid (from drowning of course) and mermaid law says only faily can know about them XD what's more she is the daughter of the yakuza clan of this area.... (the whole clan are mermaids... +1 shark +1 big kraken) now he (and his family...heheh) get to choose they die ... or he marries her + the father is VERY overprotective!!! great story (doesn't show at the beginning XD) and great chara progress (not like most anime 90% of the time the same relations between the charas) they evolve from episode to episode Oo ... like with inukami

    O_o man WHEN did I write THIS MUCH....
    now something completely different!

    Interesting... how we got off topic XD

  7. You'll likely encounter topics covered in Discrete again. I wouldn't forget just yet. I've had programming courses where a large portion of it was written on paper and was pretty much like Discrete all over again (Well, without the proofs).

    I was allowed to take the courses that required Discrete before I actually took Discrete. In retrospect, it was probably easier learning about it in data structures than in just Math.

  8. well i've taken data structures, and they did use a little bit of discrete math, but doing it code-wise w/o proofs is ALOT easier.

    i mentioned in a previous blog-post that in math classes you have to prove why stuff works, when in programming you just have to implement a working algorithm.

    i'm good at coming up with algorithms and implementing them, what i'm not good is proving in mathematical terms why it will work for all possible cases. I also see no reason to do this anyways; its usually obvious when things will work and when they won't work.

    The times when things are not-obvious, are when you're dealing with very-abstract concepts and generalizations. But when you get there, you're already dealing with stuff that doesn't matter, because they're impossible to prove practically (like a theory-of-everything).

  9. What level of discrete are we talking here. Are we talking relational algebra and calc?

    Higher programming classes are fun though I hated graphics (opengl) and anything to do with programming parsers/compilers. AI is pretty dun this quarter though I've been slacking off.

  10. My discrete math course covered:
    Set theory
    Proofs (direct proof, mathematical induction, transposition, contradiction, exhaustion...etc.)
    Graph Theory
    Boolean Algebra
    and other crap...

    learning all that stuff one-after-another is a PITA; especially when i don't see any practical uses for most of it.

    I'm like you whereas i would hate to be programming parsers/compilers for a uni class. but i wouldn't mind learning graphics.
    my graphics experience isn't much currently (2d games), and eventually i want/need to learn more about rendering 3d graphics and creating 3d worlds. (i want to get a career in game-deving so this stuff is necessary).

    the problem is, everytime i try and learn directX 3d programming, i always get bored after a few tutorials and quit xD

  11. oh god! I hear ya man...
    a while back my brother and I wanted to write a bot for leveling RPGs like FFX on pcsx2 but we didn't want to tap into the memory so we decidet to learn algorithms for on screen capturing XD fun at first after a while i lost interest (my bro too XD) cause It's not easy to how to form an algorithm that is fast enough for realtime XD and good enough so it works on at least 3 fonts xD
    in the end we choose to limit the games and went for the colors (yellow = 25%HP red = 0HP)

    I looked at like 3 on screen capturing projects XD but then I lost interest XD

  12. Ahh yeah our OpenGl class spent like 1 week on 2d and all the rest on 3d. The thing I hated most about Discrete was by far the proofs. I could generally get an idea if it was true or not rather quickly in my head but actually proving it was a pain.

    OSU even has a gamedev class using ogre but I've decided I like parallel processing and OS type programming more.

  13. kabooz:
    heh yeah i usually have a hard time keeping interest when learning how to code something new.
    but i'm always glad when i learn to do new stuff; because often times it comes in handy later on in future projects.
    its just hard to keep-at-it enough to actually learn the material.

    I'm glad there's different programmers that like to work in different fields (OS's, frameworks, math-related, compilers, 3d graphics, game deving, etc..)
    that way we're not all doing the same stuff xD
    it makes job-hunting easier, and also helps our society grow with different advancements in different fields. :D

  14. i dont know if Discrete math in Russia is any different from yours, but i remember it felt like you must twist your normal thought process to understand the laws and rules of this math. Weird!
    Queuing theory was also F-uped.